The colour distribution and the proportions of the pattern on our Cosmopolitan fabric are reminiscent of Russian avant-garde art, while also evoking urban design in major cities. A precise digital printing Read more


Wildlife is a surprising combination of premium materials, a classic animal design and strong colours. Like a magnificent feline predator slinking in from a far-off jungle, this fine satin and cotton Read more


Festival looks like a blurred, colourful reflection of the surface of a body of water. Meticulous allover embroidery creates a feast of colours, combined with gorgeous textile artistry. The pattern has Read more


The expressive bark-like structure of Tajo was inspired by the fertile landscapes of Spain and Portugal, through which the River Tagus (Tajo) flows. What makes Tajo unique are its various yarns, which Read more


The Far Eastern look of this structured fabric is created using matte bouclé yarns on an elegant, finely threaded warp. This fabric’s decorative yet subdued Jacquard pattern makes it well suited for Read more


Formidable easy-care properties – this casual yet elegant upholstery fabric with a velvety soft feel and a lively blend of colours is extremely durable and easy to care for, thanks to its special finishing. Read more

Marco Polo

This decorative fabric was inspired by following the footsteps of Marco Polo through uncharted territory – mountains, deserts, steppes and cities. Its surface features unusual allover embroidery and Read more


Lagoon has a contemplative feel, like the surface of a body of water shimmering in moonlight. The soft, horizontal rhythm of the pattern evokes the polished surface of a precious gem, enriching interiors Read more


The special look of this heavy chenille fabric was inspired by the depth and intensity of the oceans. This look is achieved with a vivid woven structure of multi-coloured yarns in a striking mix of shades. If Read more


Geo features an impressive and exciting combination of geometric clarity and textile sophistication. The lavish interplay between the colourful lines and the vivid relief effect inside the diamonds Read more


An extremely durable synthetic leather with a traditional woven style. The woven pattern of the fabric is reminiscent of the way tobacco plant leaves overlap one another. This casual, laid back material Read more


This expressive linen fabric embodies a form of textile craftsmanship that is now rare. It was made by spinning natural linen and cotton yarns into thick horizontal stripes. Its dense sections were Read more


Paradiso recounts stories of lush tropics and opulence. Imaginative watercolour-style leaf motifs are layered over one another like plants in a jungle. Whether it is placed against a light or a dark Read more


This lightweight and softly flowing single-colour decorative fabric makes excellent lining material. Its matte front side has a natural, subdued look that looks great with modern linen, cotton or satin Read more


Borneo is a latticework fabric with a handmade look. It consists of multi-coloured moiré yarns and creates a surprising and captivating transparent effect when held against the light. This lends an Read more


Luxurious and glittering – the elegant, shimmery velvet motifs set out on the clear, matte background of the Westend upholstery fabric look like cut and set precious gems. This fabric’s graphic allover Read more


With a relaxed stonewash effect on densely woven linen, this fabric is as full of life as the capital city after which it is named: Lima. Thanks to the multi-stage refinement process, this linen fabric Read more


Thanks to its refined mesh structure, Costa is easy to use, which makes it extremely versatile. The tidal zone between land and sea – the home of sea mist and albatrosses. This area, which varies Read more


An abstract landscape motif evokes untouched mountain scenery. This fabric features a modern digital print on relaxed linen satin. Collaged marble structures with soft silhouettes in warm, earthy shades Read more

Infinity Cotton Feel

Made from a blend of modern synthetic fibres, its dry feel and modern-looking, even surface are reminiscent of natural velveteen. This impressive modern velour upholstery fabric has a clear, natural Read more


This room-height decorative fabric features a washed-out colour effect that recalls the patinas that form on old walls. It also evokes masterful abstract paintings. Opaque with a slight black-out effect, Read more


Burma has an enigmatic metallic gleam, like an antique artefact unearthed from Southeast Asia. A subtle Scherli pattern underscores the unique character of this cotton-linen blend. This work of textile Read more


The refined allover pattern looks like dense, spherical embroidery against the sophisticated surface and is reminiscent of Indian textile artistry. This softly flowing satin boasts an elegant yet handcrafted Read more

Chill out

This impressive room-height transparent fabric has a fine latticework structure that is reminiscent of delicate mesh. It is made using refined yarn blends in soft colours that create a natural, lively Read more


Map rounds off the synthetic leather trio with a natural suede look. This soft, peaceful haven goes very well with bold and striking textiles. We find our bearings by comparing what we see on Read more


This finely-textured, playful fabric absorbs a rainbow of colours in any interior. Multi-coloured yarns run in both directions and intersect with one another, resulting in a range of sophisticated Read more

Infinity Linen Look

Natural beauty! Inspired by the strong impression made by linen fabrics, this natural-looking textured fabric is cosmopolitan and practical for modern life. This innovative material, with its high-performance Read more


This light decorative fabric with a horizontal weave is suitable for use in private homes as well as public buildings. Woven from low-maintenance Trevira CS, its irregular Jacquard texture and matte, Read more


The relaxed brushstroke design of Malaya is reminiscent of light being reflected from desert sand. This pattern was inspired by abstract, traditional decorative ceramics. Malaya is a lavish printed Read more


This room-height transparent single-colour fabric with an extremely soft drape has a shimmery, satiny front side, which gives it a thoroughly elegant look and reminds of the breath of the wind. It Read more


This shiny satin fabric boasts an extraordinary flamé texture and comes in an elegant colour palette. This double-width fabric is made of 100% Trevira CS and is suitable for use in private homes as well Read more

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