120 years: Zimmer + Rohde celebrates its birthday

Max Marx and Ernst Rohde, the great-grandfather of today’s managing director, worked together for a textile wholesaler in Karlsruhe. One day, the boss’s son was so cheeky that Marx could only respond by clipping the cocky boy round the ear. After an argument with his furious father, Marx resigned. Spontaneously, Rohde joined him as he walked out. On 1 December 1899, the two men founded the company Marx & Rohde in Frankfurt.
120 years have since gone by, during which Zimmer + Rohde – across two World Wars – has established itself as a corporation operating on a global scale.

Zimmer + Rohde celebrated its 120th company anniversary on 7 September 2019 as a big thank you to all its employees.



Aside from delicious food, fascinating conversation and good music until late in the evening, there was also an elaborately prepared exhibition on the company history, showing the most significant and exciting collections of the last 120 years.



Over the next few weeks we would like to take you with us on a journey through the history of our company, showing this exhibition in the form of a six-part online series. From its earliest days in 1899, via Germany’s ‘Golden Twenties’ and the colourful 1970s, up to the turn of the millennium and the standing of our company today.

Watch this space! 

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