This expressive linen fabric embodies a form of textile craftsmanship that is now rare. It was made by spinning natural linen and cotton yarns into thick horizontal stripes. Its dense sections were then enhanced with the addition of a subtle Jacquard pattern. Last but not least, a fine metal layer was applied, which is reminiscent of the gleam of the temples of Bagan. All in all, this is a complex manufacturing process that creates a unique and highly elegant vintage look.

This historical royal city in Myanmar has over 2,000 pagodas within an area of around 35 square kilometres. The city reflects the splendour of the gigantic temple complexes and monuments. Visitors who see the Ananda Temple (the temple of Bagan) as dawn is breaking are spellbound by this magical place. The lustrous linen fabric, Bagan, is reminiscent of these magical moments.

Magical moments

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