Bold colours and wonderful combinations

What a combination: vibrant colours, graphic patterns, intricate embroideries and classic animal designs.

With the summer comes the desire for colour and structures. Elegant veloure results in an exciting pattern mix with all-over embroidery and graphic prints for experimental interiors.

Festival-Wildlife_Cosmo-InfiThe expressive digital print Cosmopolitan is clear, elegant and confident. Through a precise printing technique, the graphic design extends on the softly falling cotton sateen, reminiscent of the art of the Russian avant-garde.

Matching the graphic article, the lavish all-over embroidery Festival must not be missed. Festival is a festival of colors and textile craftsmanship alike. Slight irregularities in embroidery density give Festival its unique aura. Like a blurred reflection of the colorful drift of a water surface, the pattern appears to lead a life of its own with each movement of the material.

To make the combination perfect, Wildlife is a surprising combination of the finest materials and special colors. Like a magnificent cat from the Asian jungle, the fine cotton-silk composition stands confidently in the room and always remains graceful and elegant.


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