Curtain up for the Zimmer + Rohde collektion CIRCUS

The ZR autumn collection is a homage to the circus, and how it masterfully combines spectacle and virtuosity. Comics and performers draw a fine line between humour and solemnity, satirise current affairs, and pepper their jokes with their own unique brand of creativity. The circus is a place filled with all sorts of weird and wonderful sights, where the contrast between sound and silence and darkness and light creates a feeling of suspense that causes the audience to forget time and space.

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One part of this collection is dedicated to the spectacle in all its colourfulness, pomp and ceremony, and skilfulness. The lose structure and vibrant colours of the decorative fabric CIRCUS convey the breath-taking extravaganza that is the circus ring. In contrast, the Jacquard HARLEQUIN features a bold, contrasting diamond motif that harks back to the costume of this quaint comic figure. Its matt-glossy surfaces and subtly balanced colours give the decorative fabric its particular charm. The motif of the FACES print evokes exotic masks, and pays homage to the modern circus, which is made up of many faces across the world. The velour VIS A VIS, with its vivid geometrical small pattern and aristocratic, deep colour palette, is unsurpassed in its elegance.

The second part of the collection reflects the perfectionism and hard work of the performers behind the scenes, away from the spotlight. We have dedicated our range of reliable and low-maintenance casuals to the moments of calm before the next sensation takes the stage. GLOW, with its particularly long floating patterns, is an understated, yet highly elegant transparent fabric. The double weave SLICE makes quite the impression despite its subtle, handcrafted pattern, which breathes poetry into any room.

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