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Textile wall covering can look back on a long history. Even in the early Middle Ages, carpets on the walls served as an ornament and as protection against the cold. In the 19th century, French fashion dominated the whole of Europe, and the German nobility was also inspired by the sumptuous wall coverings made of silk, damask and brocade.

Reduced but extravagant

Even though the current interior design style is characterized by elegant minimalism, we attach great importance to a harmonious sense of space with a certain amount of selected design elements. The pompous furnishing of bygone days has disappeared, but the desire for individual interior design has remained. For this, wall covering is the perfect alternative to wallpaper, because textiles are characterized by a fantastic feel, three-dimensional texture and warmth.

Countless design options, matching every style, are offered by the different fabric designs and structures, which can be quickly and easily exchanged. In addition to the aesthetic and artistic effect of wall fabrics Covertex is ideal to cover small flaws such as cracks in the wall or even cables and pipes. In addition, better room acoustics are created by sound absorption and energy savings through thermal insulation.

But not only walls can be redone, the system can be used also as back wall covering of cabinets or shelves, for room dividers or bed head parts.

At our new Cetec showroom in Hong Kong, a wall covering of our colorful embroidered fabric festival creates a space for successful meetings!

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