Surges of colour – from magnificent to fresh

We’re looking forward to some colour! Gone are the days of colourless black-and-white living spaces and furnishings in grey. Home colour trends will enter the next phase in 2020. After nuances of nude and pastel, in particular, made a big comeback in 2019, intense and rich colour tones are now arriving as well. From chimney red to emerald green, from saffron to royal blue – walls, furniture and drapery convey bold surges of colour and make our homes more comfortable than ever.

The range of colours is an important criterion when you’re looking for a stylish interior. To achieve a distinctive and unique interior, it’s always a matter of finding exactly the right colour nuance and this is not necessarily an easy task. How wonderfully fitting, then, that the new Zimmer + Rohde BOTANCIAL GARDEN collection has an impressive selection of single-colour fabrics in a wide-ranging colour palette:

The CORD rib INFINITY CORD is a true classic in the Zimmer + Rohde line of upholstery fabrics. It comes in our impressive INFINITY quality with the many advantages this brings. This means it is durable, light-fast and easy to clean. With its vibrant range of colours, this incredible upholstery fabric transforms any piece of furniture into a stylish highlight.


SPIRIT draws you in with its subtle horizontal texture and iridescent tones. An ultra-fine bouclé yarn is used alternately with a velvety chenille yarn to make it particularly pleasant to the touch. Thanks to its stain-resistant finish, its durability and the broad
range of 63 colours it is available in, SPIRIT can be used in any application.

The rich, vibrant colours of tropical birds served as the inspiration for the broad range of bright colours found in KAKADU, a modern decorative velour with a matt, shimmering surface and a velvety soft feel and drape.

Inspired by the vibrant colours found in tropical flowers, this elegant decorative velour turns daytime into night by allowing you to shut out the sun in the room whenever you like. NIGHT BLOOM FR is flame-retardant, making it suitable for use in private homes, as well as in hotel rooms, lobbies, lecture halls and all public areas where fire safety is an important issue. Last but not least, the velvety all-rounder has excellent soundabsorbing

Our tip for you: To follow the trend for colourful home interiors, you should combine at least three colours, but no more than five.

Are you still searching for the right colour? In that case, you will definitely find what you are looking for in our Product Finder. Plus, you can marvel at the brilliant colours of your favourite textile at one of our retailers near you.

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