GREEN WAVE – more than just a trend

As a trend ‘urban jungle’ is nothing new, but it’s currently in the process of making its strongest comeback to date. Once considered a fad, this beloved interior design style is closely intertwined with the longing to bring the outdoors home and truly become one with nature. Our environmental awareness is consistently growing, as well as our desire to press pause, find ourselves and live in the moment. And where better than in nature? Our endeavours to live in harmony with nature have since grown far beyond the ‘green’ hype. What Pantone once predicted as an interior design trend by naming ‘Greenery’ colour of the year has since become much more – it’s an attitude to life in itself.

Zimmer + Rohde’s spring collection, BOTANICAL GARDEN, is inspired by floral motifs from the botanical world and brings them to modern living quarters true to form. The tranquillity of nature can now also ground us at home, with natural, winding tendrils and floral jungle motifs on upholstered furniture and curtains.


The two-tone Jacquard fabric ORANGERY with tropical palm trees, foliage and birds-of-paradise is reminiscent of an orangery you would find at a country estate in the Mediterranean region. It features an attractive combination of a matt background and elegantly shimmering motifs in satin weave, which really accentuate their colour tones.


PALMHOUSE is inspired by the lush thicket of plants found in tropical hothouses. The abstract imagery and clear, contrasting colouring of the aloe vera leaves help produce the dynamic design of the lavish print motif as well as its appealing allover effect, which make it easy to integrate into any modern room concept.


TROPICAL celebrates the lavish shapes and forms of vegetation found in the tropics. Produced as an elaborate Jacquard weave on an ultra-fine silk-like warp, decorative leaf and flower shapes intertwine on the elegant satin background. After the fabric has been woven, a soft brush finish is applied, giving it a modern, gently flowing look and striking patina.

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The theme of nature has also influenced products in other collections by Zimmer + Rohde. When it comes to TROPICAL WALL from the EDITION wallpaper collection, the name says it all. A rich tapestry of agave, monstera, and fern leaves are seen across the entire surface, drawing your gaze into an exotic world. TROPICAL WALL has delicate, subtle structures on the surface of the material which, in combination with its soft, abstract tones, lend it its modern look. Produced as a two-dimensional rotary print with gentle accents and contrasts, this design skilfully blends into the room as an emotional highlight.

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