Illustrative design is currently experiencing a comeback – whether on book covers or magazines, in art or even as textile designs. Wherever you look you see meandering pencil lines, blossoming blooms of brushstrokes, and colourful shapes artfully arranged one after the other.
Ever more frequently, fabric designs with a hand-drawn look are ornamenting the windows and furniture of modern interiors. Illustrative design meets sophisticated romanticism and extravagance in people’s homes.


The beautiful textile designs of these elegant decorative fabrics are also part of this contemporary style; each one seems like a work of art, as if just freshly painted with a brush on the fabric.


The delicate watercolour blooms of the CONTESSE decorative fabric, the underwater world of the linen fabric ARCHIPEL, illustrated in such detail, and the fantastical feathers of the linen satin BIRDS GALLERY all live on in artworks outside the world of textiles. The illustrator and designer Sarah Gräftner (Instagram: @frollein_sarah) makes use of the laboriously coloured design elements of the elegant fabrics, and unites these in turn with her own filigree pencil drawings on modern, detail-rich collages.




Let yourself be fascinated by picturesque details.
Here you will find more fabrics with illustrative designs.

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