After years of bold colours and well-defined borders dominating the world of design, a new trend for decorating wall surfaces, furniture and fabrics that incorporates delicate lines and elegant sketch-like drawings has come to the fore. Inspired by old botanical drawings and traditional floral motifs, this style combines feminine, vintage flair with modern romanticism.


Splendid flowers, delicate ferns and bewitching tendrils create an invigorating, yet charming and lavish look that gives living spaces an artistic feel. This is the case for the CAMERON FLORAL VINE decorative fabric from the Hodsoll McKenzie collection Harmony. Its elaborate lines and imaginative motifs hark back to the style characteristic of English and French art prints during the Age of Reason. The backing material made from cotton and linen with a chintz finish gives the design an elegant ‘country house’ feel.

Dekostoff MERABU mit floralem Design

The MERABU decorative fabric from the Travers collection New Classics evokes a traditional, ancient Indian block print with its floral tendrils and fanciful motifs. The design is printed on a linen backing material and is available in five traditional colour varieties.

Sumptuous colours on a light background such as the BEAUMONT INDIENNE decorative fabric from the Travers collection Love Letters look both lively and fresh, giving vintage-style tendrils a new lease of life. The opulent Indienne design originates from the Travers archives and is printed on a 100 percent linen background.

The softer beige tones of the CASIMIR fabric from the Travers collection Carlyle are inspired by ancient parchment (see the image below). The high-quality natural material made from linen and cotton evokes a classic tree of life pattern with an Indian influence.

1044080-357 Kopie

Offering a pleasant contrast to cool minimalism in the world of interior design, textiles with nostalgic floral patterns have a welcoming or even romantic feel, and create a cosy and homely atmosphere with their lavish patterns.

Allow yourself to be swept away by the inherent beauty of floral patterns and bring a little bit of nature into your home. You can find more fabrics with floral patterns here.

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