Inside Sharon Stone’s Glamorous Home

We are pleased to show you a very special editorial from the Architectural Digest, USA.

Sharon Stone combines comfort, style and glamor in her 25 years old home. When she bought the house, it was still under construction, allowing the actress to put her stamp on architecture. After consultation with a restorer, the house was given texture and a sense of history.

The most recent refurbishment of their property was then mainly focused on colours and textiles. And that’s how the casual, elegant decorating product Patina by Zimmer + Rohde came into play. The linen fabric with patinated metal surface shines with its buttery soft fall in the bedroom of the actress on a beautiful sofa.

Even more of our high-quality textiles in metallic look and with shimmering surfaces, we show you here:

Immerse yourself in the world of Sharon Stone and her glamorous home.

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