Luxury on the Seas

Between luxuriously dressed people and glittering waters, the Cannes Yachting Festival has been held every year since 1977, in September. For 6 days, the newest and best yachts of different styles from all over the world will be presenting themselves. Nearly 600 boats will be exhibited in 2 ports and can also be tested on sea excursions. On board: Ferretti Yachts from Italy.

Every yacht is an expression of pure luxury. Only the best of everything, the perfect blend of performance, comfort and style. Engineers, technicians, architects and designers must meet the high demands and work hand in hand. We are all the more pleased that we are as well a part of the high-quality interior design and we are glad to see the cozy atmosphere which comes along with our fabrics.

On the walls, as curtains or cushions, as a bedspread and on the couch … our high-quality textiles were processed and used versatile. The result is impressive and, together with the modern furniture, a fascinating combination of different materials.

Our geometric decorative fabric Nizza is an elegant eye-catcher on the luxurious yachts on high-contrast cushions. Tinto, the hard-wearing upholstery fabric, with its pleasant feel, provides a soft and comfortable seating under the deck and disguises the wall with its interesting play of colors. In the living area of ​​the yachts, you will find Textum. Our modern flat fabric with matt-gloss effect adorns the sofa in an elegant way. The semi-sheer delicate curtains are made of our charming article Fox, which unfolds its fabric structure especially in backlight. Even in the bedrooms, Moderna, a textured flat weave, is represented on the bed headboard. For sweet dreams and a wonderful stay on board.

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