Precision craftsmanship from Japanese papers

Our journey takes us through picturesque valleys and to exotic locations and far-flung islands that are home to the precision, intricate craftsmanship used to create our high-quality LUZON wall covering. The high-quality wallpaper bathes any living room or interior space in a warm, exotic light that is reminiscent of a sunset in some far-off, exotic land.

The highly elaborate creation process and intricate, hand-made LUZON wall covering start with dyeing structured Japanese papers in varying colour nuances and laminating them onto a flexible background.

The firmly twisted and manually pre-coloured high-quality paper cords are then attached and various colour nuances applied.

Entstehungsprozess der Zimmer+Rohde Tapete LUZON

The next step sees strips made from Japanese paper cut into various widths using a die cutter and then woven together on a hand loom.

Entstehungsprozess der Zimmer+Rohde Tapete LUZON

The fabric is finally laminated onto a fleece to guarantee stability on the wall.

Zimmer + Rohde Tapete: LUZON

LUZON captivates you with its high-quality materials and an elegant, three-dimensional surface effect. Its understated yet extraordinary design turns this wall covering into a real statement.

Zimmer + Rohde Tapete: LUZON

The high-quality wall covering is available in four harmonious colour palettes, ranging from a light background and natural brown nuances to the dramatic depths offered by darker colour tones.

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