Expert craftsmanship meets Art Deco

Our adventure on the way to discovering the origins of our exquisite wallpaper collection begins in a distant, exotic land where expert craftsmanship is key, and it is this skill that forms the basis of the PALAWAN product.

The abstract Art Deco design of PALAWAN is inspired by large banana leaves. Different papers are carefully combined together and prepared and processed by hand in an intensive development process to create an exciting surface.

Development process of Zimmer + Rohde wallpaper Palawan

Both the background and the structured papers are initially dyed in natural colour nuances and partially pleated. They maintain their natural form through ripping and picking following a layout defined in advance.

The upper edges of the individual leaves are then accentuated with colour. Finally, the individual leaves are stuck down overlapping one another in a precise, continuous distribution.

Development process of Zimmer + Rohde wallpaper Palawan

Traditional manufacturing techniques are given a modern twist in this highly complex creation process and applied in tandem with a precisely matched colour scheme, allowing PALAWAN to develop a totally new and distinguished importance in your home, a little like souvenirs collected from past adventures.

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