Restful sleep thanks to Dimout

The topic of Dimouts plays a major role in many areas of our lives. Especially in the bedroom, but also in other rooms curtain fabrics often function not only as a stylish design element, but also as a functional component – to provide with blackout for a restful sleep.
Zimmer + Rohde also offers a wide range of different qualities, designs and colour combinations in this area. Let yourself be inspired.

Nightfall FR
Nightfall FR is a decorative blackout fabric with several blackout and dimout qualities. Delicate lines move across its watercolour, multicoloured background, forming a gently flowing design across the entire surface of this extraordinarily soft base fabric.

Nightshade Lining FR
Down-to-earth, basic Nightshade Lining FR provides the perfect blackout effect, and can be used as either a decorative fabric or as lining material. Thanks to its matte surface and availability in six neutral shades, this blackout fabric can be seamlessly integrated into any interior design concept.

Night Owl FR
Night Owl FR is a decorative blackout fabric that impresses with a three-dimensional weave. Unlike other blackout fabrics, which have more of a technical design, Night Owl FR impresses with an elegant surface as well as an appealing colour palette consisting of 28 shades.

Nighty Night FR
Nighty Night FR is an elegant, gently flowing and decorative dimout fabric. A shimmering surface lends this material a special appeal – coupled with dimout properties to make for an unbeatable combination.

Midnight FR
A double-width 100% blackout fabric with a textured surface, interesting colour nuances and an enticing feel. It can also be used to line other fabrics.





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