With breathtaking views

In the beautifully situated Bürgenstock Resort in the canton Lucerne you can enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the landscape. The resort is located in the heart of Central Switzerland on a spectacular Read more

Marco Polo

This decorative fabric was inspired by following the footsteps of Marco Polo through uncharted territory – mountains, deserts, steppes and cities. Its surface features unusual allover embroidery and Read more


This expressive linen fabric embodies a form of textile craftsmanship that is now rare. It was made by spinning natural linen and cotton yarns into thick horizontal stripes. Its dense sections were Read more


Paradiso recounts stories of lush tropics and opulence. Imaginative watercolour-style leaf motifs are layered over one another like plants in a jungle. Whether it is placed against a light or a dark Read more


This lightweight and softly flowing single-colour decorative fabric makes excellent lining material. Its matte front side has a natural, subdued look that looks great with modern linen, cotton or satin Read more


Borneo is a latticework fabric with a handmade look. It consists of multi-coloured moiré yarns and creates a surprising and captivating transparent effect when held against the light. This lends an Read more


With a relaxed stonewash effect on densely woven linen, this fabric is as full of life as the capital city after which it is named: Lima. Thanks to the multi-stage refinement process, this linen fabric Read more


An abstract landscape motif evokes untouched mountain scenery. This fabric features a modern digital print on relaxed linen satin. Collaged marble structures with soft silhouettes in warm, earthy shades Read more


This room-height decorative fabric features a washed-out colour effect that recalls the patinas that form on old walls. It also evokes masterful abstract paintings. Opaque with a slight black-out effect, Read more


Burma has an enigmatic metallic gleam, like an antique artefact unearthed from Southeast Asia. A subtle Scherli pattern underscores the unique character of this cotton-linen blend. This work of textile Read more


The relaxed brushstroke design of Malaya is reminiscent of light being reflected from desert sand. This pattern was inspired by abstract, traditional decorative ceramics. Malaya is a lavish printed Read more

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