The expressive bark-like structure of Tajo was inspired by the fertile landscapes of Spain and Portugal, through which the River Tagus (Tajo) flows. What makes Tajo unique are its various yarns, which Read more

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This impressive room-height transparent fabric has a fine latticework structure that is reminiscent of delicate mesh. It is made using refined yarn blends in soft colours that create a natural, lively Read more


This light decorative fabric with a horizontal weave is suitable for use in private homes as well as public buildings. Woven from low-maintenance Trevira CS, its irregular Jacquard texture and matte, Read more


This room-height transparent single-colour fabric with an extremely soft drape has a shimmery, satiny front side, which gives it a thoroughly elegant look and reminds of the breath of the wind. It Read more


This shiny satin fabric boasts an extraordinary flamé texture and comes in an elegant colour palette. This double-width fabric is made of 100% Trevira CS and is suitable for use in private homes as well Read more

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