The best spot in Lucerne, city of lights

If only the walls of the 101 award-winning rooms and suites at the five-star Hotel Schweizerhof in Lucerne, Switzerland, could speak. They would tell stories about its past guests, among them many famous writers, musicians and actors.

These would include tales of how visitors to the hotel blocked out noise from composer Richard Wagner’s room in 1859, or how Winston Churchill, then 19 years old, raved about the Schweizerhof’s electric lights in 1893.

And that’s before we even get started on anecdotes from the legendary festivals held here. In 2002, at one of these festivals, B.B. King picked up his guitar in the magnificent Zeugheer Hall on the spur of the moment. Exactly in this suite are the Zimmer + Rohde fabrics New York CS and the transparent Etamine CS silk Oisiveté are shown as cushions and delicate curtains.

Interior Designer: LIGNO in-Raum AG
Copyright Photos: Elge Kenneweg / Hotel Schweizerhof Luzern

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