Tone-on-tone combinations and sophisticated highlights


Different textiles, colours, surfaces and structures can breathe new life into a room. A successful combination of design elements can make any interior into a unique playground of different styles and moods.

Materials that have an elegant sheen or a casual matt feel perfectly complement one another. Shades ranging from deep coral, to subtle taupe, right through to delicate rose, create a multifaceted, yet cosy atmosphere.


When used in tone-on-tone combinations, fabrics such as PROFUMO and IL VENETO with designs inspired by the Renaissance or handcrafted surfaces such as our LUZON wallpaper can be mixed and matched without ever clashing. This look gives rooms an elegant and timeless feel.



Why not try out cheerful orange and a hint of gold? Both colours complement each other and give any interior a retro yet energy-boosting atmosphere. This makes the very same textiles appear in a totally different light and allows them to flaunt their own unique characteristics. Take a look, for example, at our PETITE TERRASSE fabric. Yellow furniture make its funky ethnic pattern really pop.

Whether you choose materials from the same colour group or elegant contrasts for your home is simply a question of taste – and when it comes to interior design, there’s plenty of room for experimentation.


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