The Travers design aesthetic has long been inspired by a New York state of mind. The CENTRAL PARK collection draws inspiration from the rich history behind this famed park.

TRAV_2020_ webRGB_C_002In the mid-1800s, the city of New York held a competition to select the architect and landscape designers who would transform the land between the Upper East and West Sides of Manhattan. The ‘Greensward Plan’ was the winning proposal by Frederick Law Olmstead. Aptly named, the GREENSWARD BOUQUET is a work of art. A multi-coloured floral with an oversized scale, it has distressed detailing which makes it reminiscent of an antique fresco.

TRAV_2020_ webRGB_C_004CENTRAL PARK TOILE is the star of the collection. A contemporary update on an old classic, it is impeccably embroidered and illustrates finely detailed vignettes of Central Park. The collection integrates old world weaving techniques found in GRACIE LAMPAS and BOSQUE MOIRE; these processes have been passed down by skilled artisans for many generations. CENTRAL PARK is full of sophistication and grace and its elegant designs are offered in a colourful yet refined palette, bringing the charm of this renowned park indoors.

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