Be prepared to go on a Safari for your senses with our newest Travers collection. Rich in colour, texture and technique, OUT OF AFRICA taps into a desire to create environments that are simultaneously sophisticated and playful.

Arrays of stylish neutrals are found across the collection, ranging from warm sand and golden hues, to cooler silvery greys and soft black. Shots of colour are infused throughout, including a wide range of blues and hints of teal, green and terracotta. OUT OF AFRICA shines a spotlight on jungle animals, starting with SAMBURU, a soft jacquard upholstery fabric, a play on the classic leopard skin. Followed quite literally with SINGITA PARADE, a fantastic elephant print with a subtle metallic outline, and SAFARA EMBROIDERY, which artfully details scenes one would find on a game drive through the African bush.

In keeping with Travers’ pursuit to offer a comprehensive range, OUT OF AFRICA features well-crafted multipurpose embroideries, a variety of printing techniques, sheer drapery and durable upholstery fabrics. This collection brings a well-travelled, subtle serenity into your home, so sit back and enjoy the ride.

Discover the whole collection on our website.

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