The botanical garden is a magical place, with a sea of exotic plants and historic greenhouses whose windows allow in the scattered light. As if looking into a snow globe, you embark upon a journey through miniature, manicured versions of alluring deserts, magnificent primeval forests and mysterious steppes, passing through several eras of landscape gardening with numerous stylistic elements drawn from foreign cultures. Here and there, you might discover exotic butterflies and the colourful plumage of birds in the multi-layered interplay of lush green tones. And while the senses are engaged, trails of discovery provide the stranger with some comforting structure.

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The garden becomes a place of inner peace, bringing order and balance to the wildness of nature. In parks dotted with whimsical pavilions and grandiose greenhouses from the turn of the century, you embark on a romantic journey through time and escape everyday life for a while in hedge mazes and cloistered walkways. The BOTANICAL GARDEN collection is dedicated to this interplay between stimulation and relaxation, thinking and feeling, wildness and order.

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The extravagant colours of wild orchids, passion flowers and cactus blossoms, their vibrancy complementing the depth of the monochrome green background, serve as the inspiration for its emotive range of hues. The elegant and ornamental architecture of the botanical garden, the lush imagery of Mediterranean vegetation and the arid steppe and desert landscapes in their natural state form the basis of creative patterns and detailed textures.

Just as a botanical garden cultivates and brings order to the lush wildness of flora and fauna, the lavish and emotive design of this collection is based on cutting-edge textile technologies and delivers all the added features customers nowadays demand. The collection’s intellectual journey through time begins in the first botanical garden of the 16th century and culminates in the smart rooms of the future…

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