Safari home style

From experiencing la dolce vita first-hand in Positano, to the elegant glamour of Ibiza, right through to the thrill of adventure at the heart of Africa – every location has the potential to captivate holiday-makers with its unique charm. Inspired by the breath-taking natural habitats of Central Africa, an earthy ‘Out of Africa’ style and daring safaris, our luxurious ethnic patterns add a touch of wilderness, the scorching sun and the spirit of adventure to any interior.

Our modern interpretations of animal prints are sure to ignite your wanderlust. Whether you’re looking for abstract, natural or figurative designs, you too can instil your home with the spirit of adventure and the exotic atmosphere of the jungle lodge.

Animal print has become indispensable in modern interior design and is more popular than ever. The soft touch of the exquisite BURCHELL CHENILLE upholstery fabric from the Travers collection Yorkshire gives the woven fabric a luxurious, velvety character. The colour palette includes natural hues and makes this fabric a highly versatile decorative feature.

Rich colours like mocha, deep red and juicy cactus green, which can be found in the colour scheme of the WILDLIFE decorative fabric from the Zimmer + Rohde collection Destinations, also complement the safari theme. Confident, charming and elegant like a feline predator, the decorative fabric bewitches with its refined cotton and silk composition and enthrals with its bold colours and classic animal print design.

Travers fabric: Equus Velvet

Our luxurious EQUUS VELVET upholstery fabric from the Travers collection Yorkshire continues our journey through the tropical jungles of Central Africa. The velvety Jacquard fabric is made from high-quality Bemberg thread and impresses with its unique fur-like textures, which, in conjunction with its colour scheme, produce a harmonious overall look. The subtle gloss of its soft, white surfaces accentuates its outstanding quality.

Our unique BROCADE TIGER decorative fabric from the Travers collection Yorkshire will also whisk you away to distant lands and exotic cultures with its elegant damask pattern.



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