Geo features an impressive and exciting combination of geometric clarity and textile sophistication. The lavish interplay between the colourful lines and the vivid relief effect inside the diamonds creates a delicate illusion of depth. Clear geometric patterning lends this fabric a traditional look reminiscent of ethnic textiles, as well as a special charm that evokes modern urban architecture.


Geo means ‘earth’ – the basis for life and the playground of modern mankind. Its terrain has an area of 510 million km2. All known life originates from and lives on Earth. Beneath the Earth’s rocky crust is the mantel, which consists of molten material. The relatively low density of the rocky crust means that it floats on top of the mantel rock. The top layer of the Earth’s mantle is home to large-scale flow regions. The flow in these regions is the engine for the movement of the continental shelves and it is ultimately responsible for the creation of ocean trenches and fold mountains.

Diameter: 12,700 kilometres

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