An extremely durable synthetic leather with a traditional woven style. The woven pattern of the fabric is reminiscent of the way tobacco plant leaves overlap one another. This casual, laid back material can be used in a wide range of interior styles – from contemporary to traditional, from intimate rooms to large-scale interiors.

In the colourful city of Havanna, which has a Caribbean flair and a pervasive joie de vivre, nearly everything revolves around smoking. Premium-quality cigars are hand-rolled by cigar rollers known as ‘Torcedors’. Depending on the size of the cigar type, the Torcedor will start with either one, two or three binder leaves and will create the required blend of ligero, seco und volado filler leaves. This masterfully folded insert is then rolled up in the wrapper leaf and moulded to create the shape of the final cigar.

Masterfully folded.

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