Marco Polo

This decorative fabric was inspired by following the footsteps of Marco Polo through uncharted territory – mountains, deserts, steppes and cities. Its surface features unusual allover embroidery and shimmers enticingly. Alternating stitching directions form a lavish checkerboard pattern. This fabric is truly captivating – its appearance changes depending on the way it catches the light.

He ventured into the unknown, across Asia’s uncharted mountains, deserts, steppes and cities… Hunger for adventure was in the Polo family’s blood and as a Venetian merchant, he knew about the precious goods he could expect to find in the East. On his journeys, during which he gained valuable experiences, he also found the light of Asia, which immerses fabrics in unfamiliar colours.

“I did not tell half of what I saw, because no one would have believed me.”
– Marco Polo, 1324 –

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